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Top Stories

L.A. Noire Rockstar Pass Video

Wed 01 Jun

The Rockstar Pass is a new way to pre-order and purchase DLC that gives players access to all of th…

L.A. Noire – Official Launch TV Commercial

Wed 11 May

The official Launch Television Commercial for L.A. Noire, coming May 17th for Xbox 360® and PlaySt…

L.A. Noire – Official Launch Trailer

Wed 11 May

The official Launch Trailer for L.A. Noire, which reveals evidence uncovered on the Vice desk and h…

L.A. Noire: Gameplay Series Video "Rising through The Ranks"

Wed 20 Apr

L.A. Noire's latest gameplay video, "Rising Through The Ranks", takes a deeper look into the world …

L.A. Noire Trailer 3: Official Annotated Version

Mon 18 Apr

Presenting the annotated version of our most recently released official trailer for L.A. Noire - pr…

L.A. Noire Official Television Commercial

Mon 11 Apr

Amid the post-war boom of Hollywood's Golden Age, Cole Phelps is an LAPD detective thrown headfirst…

L.A. Noire Official Trailer #3

Thu 07 Apr

Presenting the all-new Official Trailer #3 for L.A. Noire. As Detective Cole Phelps rises through t…

L.A. Noire "A Slip of the Tongue" Traffic Case Video

Thu 31 Mar

Check out an all-new L.A. Noire video featuring the Traffic desk case "A Slip of the Tongue" (avail…

Crime Scene Clip from "The Naked City" (1948)

Wed 16 Mar

"The Naked City" -- a landmark 1948 crime thriller noir from director Jules Dassin -- is such a tau…

L.A. Noire Gameplay Series Video: "Investigation and Interrogation"

Wed 09 Mar

The latest in our series of in-depth gameplay videos for L.A. Noire, "Investigation and Interrogati…

L.A. Noire – "The Naked City" Vice Case Pre-Order Video

Thu 03 Mar

In the Vice desk case "The Naked City" (available as a pre-order bonus through GameStop in the U.S.…

L.A. Noire Trailer 2: Official Annotated Version

Sun 20 Feb

Check out our first official annotated video - this special edition of L.A. Noire Official Trailer …